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You don't have to be a gardener to have a garden, in the same way as you don't have to be a financial planner to have a financial plan.

You might know a weed when you see one but just imagine how much better your garden would be if Alan Titmarsh designed it for you and Charlie Dimmuck and her mates built it and then came round to maintain it.

In fairness, the chances of that happening are pretty remote so DIY will just have to do.

When it comes to your financial plan however DIY could prove very expensive as, unlike your garden, where you can see when it is choked with weeds or wilting due to a lack of irrigation, when was the last time you dug deeper to find out whether high charges and poor investment returns were ruining your outlook and anyway just how does your plan compare with your neighbours.

I am not Alan Titmarch but I know as much about financial planning as he does about gardening and just imagine how much better your finances would be if a professional designed and managed them with you.

You can get away with not mowing the lawn for a couple of weeks but neglect your finances and it won't be neighbours who will be disappointed.

We know our approach is different to many other advisors and how this in turn enables us to help you create something you can be proud of and we would welcome the opportunity to show you.

Robert Williams, Director